Charitable Contributions in 2017


The Faith Weavers community is very generous in supporting communities at the local, national, and international levels. Money received for this charitable outreach comes primarily from donations by members of Faith Weavers, income from the Faith Weavers Endowment Fund, and grants to the Friends of El Salvador Committee.

So far this year the Service and Justice Committee has distributed $11,500 in grants and has authorized grants totalling $16,000 that will be distributed in the next few months.

Locally $1,000 was given to St. Vincent DePaul Parish, $1,500 was given to the Girls on the Run program, and $500 was given to the Survivors of Suicide Walk (picture below).  At the international level $2,500 was given to Global Compassion to drill a well in village in India, and $4,000 to Rise Against Hunger for famine relief.

Upcoming grants will go to the Restoration House Rotating Shelter ($3,000),  Christian Counseling of Mid-Michigan ($3,000), Association of Interfaith Ministries (AIM) ($1,500), and Connections that Count ($1,500).  The committee has also designated $7,000 to go to organizations that will provide assistance to victims of the hurricane disasters.


Do you know of an organization that would benefit from a grant?  Please contact Karen Lee at or call (989) 772-6349 on how the charity can request funds.  Alternatively, visit our website at and click on the Community Outreach tab for a description of the charities we have supported and information on how to submit a grant request.


Homeless Shelter

Following the October service we will be discussing and looking for volunteers to assist with our collaboration efforts with Isabella County Restoration House (ICRH) rotating homeless shelter.  We will be partnering with Immanual Lutheran Church once again for the following dates:  October 29 – November 5 and again February 26 – March 5.

As in the past we would like to provide two evening meals to the guests with additional volunteers for evening and overnight times.

Please consider volunteering for this project as we will begin planning with everyone this Sunday at our Faith Weavers service.    Submitted byLaura Angera-

People Helping People

It has been just over a year since a group of volunteers gathered to discuss how we could be of help to people who may be going through a difficult time, or be in need of a little cheering up. People Helping People was formed at that meeting.

We want people in stressful situations to know they have our community to support them, and we are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers. We want to keep in touch with those that are in need of a little pick-me-up, and help where we can lighten their burden.

Over the past year, we have visited people in the hospital or the Medical Care Facility, and sent cards to those going through difficult times.    Our volunteers have also worked at the Food Panty to help distribute food.

We are available to serve in other ways too, by providing transportation, meals, etc.  If you want to join this committee, or know of someone who would benefit from these services, please email Martha Goncer at

Submitted by Martha Goncer

Supporting “Rise Against Hunger”

Service and Justice Committee approved organizations for grant funding in May, and will oversee funding again in November.  One of the new organizations approved was Rise Against Hunger, chosen for their ability to work for famine relief in many areas around the world.  Their mission: “Rise Against Hunger is driven by the vision of a world without hunger.  Our mission is to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable, and creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources.”  They note that hunger could be ended by 2030!

The organization began in 1998, and was called Stop Hunger Now.  It rebranded in 2017 as Rise Against Hunger (RAH).   Their approach to ending hunger centers on mobilizing a global network of hunger champions.  RAH meal packaging volunteers produce millions of nutritious meals annually that are then distributed to partners in countries around the world.  Those partners are best able to address the causes and effects of hunger based on their local presence and expertise.  RAH then monitors the process, ensuring the meals distributed are used as a tool to change lives by promoting education, improving student health and nutrition, addressing gender inequalities, stimulating economic growth and fighting child labor.

RAH also focuses on responding to crises, natural and manmade, including droughts, fire, floods, war zones and transitioning political situations.  Food is often the most immediate need.  The organization strives to efficiently deploy aid when and where it is needed most.  At the present time, meals are being provided in the USA flood areas.  There is a regional station in Indianapolis that covers the Midwest area to provide volunteers with direction in preparing dry meals, or other endeavors, or provide meals and aid if needed in the Midwest.   Submitted by Karen Lee.

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