A central component of the mission of Faith Weavers of St. Mary is to support one another in working to build the kingdom of God through service to others in all aspects of our lives. We view support as more than supporting the members of our small faith community. It includes outreach to the greater community at the local, national, and international level.

One way we actualize our mission is through grants to charitable organizations that provide direct service to people in need. In fact, the majority of donations to Faith Weavers of St. Mary are used for charitable outreach. Our grants go to local, national, and international charities. Faith Weavers of St. Mary also has the Faith Weavers Endowment Fund. Fund assets are invested in mutual funds with dividend income and fund market appreciation used for grants to charitable organizations. Investment activity and amounts authorized for charitable grants are overseen by the Funds Board of Trustees. The Service and Justice Committee evaluates grant requests and makes grant recommendations to the Board.

The Service and Justice Committee evaluates requests for money from Faith Weavers and recommends grants to organizations meeting our criteria. A critical criteria is that a recipient must be designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. The Service and Justice Committee recommendations are implemented by the Faith Weavers Steering Committee or the Faith Weavers Endowment Fund Board of Directors.

The Friends of El Salvador Committee is another group within Faith Weavers that provides charitable grants. This Committee was formed to raise global and cultural awareness and to provide charitable support in a relationship guided by the Gospel message of caring for others. This objective has been carried out through a relationship of solidarity with the people of El Salvador. The Committee works closely with non-governnmental organizations in El Salvador, and local community leaders to identify and fund projects to improve the lives of the people of El Salvador. Please go to the Friends of El Salvador section of this website to learn more about it.