Organizational Structure: Boards and Committees


Board of Directors for Faith Weavers of St. Mary has the legal authority to operate Faith Weavers of St. Mary. It meets on an “as needed” basis to make decisions to organize and operate our community. For example, in the past Directors have authorized the committee structure for Faith Weavers, authorized legal documents to be filed, and authorized the establishment of the Faith Weaver’s Endowment Fund.

Board of Trustees for the Faith Weavers Endowment Fund, has legal responsibilities for the activities of the Endowment Fund. It has the responsibility to oversee investment policies and make distributions to charitable organizations.



Steering Committee

This committee is responsible for the programs offered by Faith Weavers of St. Mary. It meets every other month to plan the prayer services, days for reflection, and social gatherings. It is the committee that oversees all the activities of our faith community.

Social Committee

This committee prepares the main dishes for our social gathering after the monthly prayer services, and organizes the set-up, and cleanup for the meal. There are no meetings needed to plan the meals for the monthly gatherings. Committee members just pitch-in and do what is needed. Members also help plan other social gatherings like our annual “Tornado Picnic” and August Party. They meet on an as-needed basis to plan these events.

Service and Justice Committee

The Service and Justice Committee identifies and evaluates organizations requesting grants from Faith Weavers. The committee focuses on local charities but also considers national and international charities for grants.   They also screen applicants for donations from the Faith Weavers’ Endowment Fund and make recommendations to the Endowment Board of Trustees for gifts to specific charitable organizations. The committee meets quarterly and communicates by email as needed to make grant decisions.

Friends of El Salvador

This committee works for social justice and charitable outreach to the people of El Salvador. Committee members cultivate friendship and solidarity with El Salvadorans through bi-annual visits to local communities and funding projects to improve their living conditions and educational opportunities. Committee members meet twice a year and are active through email exchanges.

Investment Committee       

This committee monitors the investment portfolio of the Faith Weavers Endowment Fund. It selects securities for the portfolio, balances portfolio risk, and monitors performance. Committee members also recommend the amount of money to be removed from the portfolio for grants. It meets twice a year.

Communication Committee

This committee develops and maintains the communication channels within our community and with people outside our group. It has developed a brochure describing Faith Weavers of St. Mary, maintains its website and electronic distribution list, and expands our presence on Facebook. The committee meets on an as-needed basis.