Mission and Focus

We are a faith community formed to support one another in working to build the kingdom of God through service to others in all aspects of our lives.  We are committed to creating an environment open to new expressions of growth and maturity by expanding our vision of ourselves, our church, and our world, and through our commitment to social justice.
Our community is committed to living out our mission. We do this in many ways:

  • We conduct monthly prayer services and pray for the needs of members of our community and the larger communities within our area, our nation and our world.
  • We support charitable works through donations to local, national and international charitable organizations.
  • We have an international outreach to the people of El Salvador by promoting social justice, and donating to support education and infrastructure improvements for communities in El Salvador.
  • We sponsor social events to maintain a sense of community within our group.

Focus Statements:

  1. We are a faith community in the Roman Catholic Tradition.
  2. We support the implementation of the progressive reforms of the church adopted by the Vatican II Council.
  3. We embrace diversity within our community welcoming all people seeking support in living their Christian faith.
  4. We support one another through prayer, community activities and outreach to others.  Prayer is our relationship with Christ; community addresses our needs as social beings to support one another, and our prayer and community provides the foundation to reach out to others.