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Applying for a Faith Weavers Grant


Anyone can initiate a grant request for a worthy organization.  We especially like to consider funding charities helping our local community.  However, we only fund charitable organizations that have been granted tax exempt status by the IRS.

The application process is fairly simple.  Submit the following information to the Service and Justice Committee of Faith Weavers:

Name of Organization:


Contact Person:

Phone Contact Number:

E-mail address and website:

Amount Requested:

Describe how funds will be used. (Address these items in your description)

Describe your service area and population to be served with grant funds.

Are there income eligibility limits, e.g. how much a family can earn and still be eligible for program benefits?

Are there any other eligibility requirements for those served by this organization, or specifically will be served by this grant request? Other requirements refer to things like geographic location, age of children, or disabilities of those served by the program.  Please explain, if applicable.

Please attach a copy of the organization’s 501(c) (3) letter. This is the letter from the Internal Revenue Service granting the organization tax exempt status.

Grant applications can be sent to:

Faith Weavers of St. Mary

2020 S. Mission Street


Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858-4425



If you have questions, write to the above address or email us.

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