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Faith Weavers Volunteer at Community Compassion Network Mobile Food Pantry

Members of the Faith Weavers community volunteer to help unload food and set up to serve people in our community.  Below are pictures of volunteers working at the Deerfield Township Hall on February 13, 2016.

 Nearly 250 families are served twice per month at the Community Compassion Network Food Pantries.  Each family receives supplemental food consisting of meat products, dairy, fresh produce, fresh fruit and canned/nonperishable meal stretchers.

This is a mobile food pantry service that rotates among hosting locations in the Mt. Pleasant area. These hosting sites are sponsored by community churches, organizations, and businesses that partner with Community Compassion Network.

 Hosts often supply volunteers to work that day and members of Faith Weavers have volunteered several times in the past.

Sometimes the hosting group also sponsors the pantry. Sponsorship of a mobile pantry is $2500.  This pays for food & transportation for that pantry and some funding toward future pantries that are not sponsored.   Faith Weavers has also made grants supporting the Food Pantry.

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